Thought I'd try to pick my five favourite images from the year. I kept approximately 12,500 images throughout the year - I narrowed it down to 15, then 10, then 8. But I am stalled at 6. 
They aren't works of fine art, but images that I obviously really like.
In calendar order....

Mid March, turkey "rutting" season. Male wild turkey strutting his stuff at Mud Lake
Towards the end of May, tiny mushrooms in woods near of Almonte. 
Early July, mum kingbird and her three fledglings, at a cottage north of Kingston.
Puffin bring a lunch home for its young in the burrow. End of July on Iles aux Perroquets, Gulf of St Lawrence.
Late October at Parc Omega, a young fallow deer.
Also late October, male downy woodpecker feeding on hand with an incoming chickadee. Mud Lake.
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