February was a strange month. There were a few very cold (typical for Feb), but there were some warm days including record highs.
The warmth brought one of the Parc Omega black bears out in the first week of the month. Apparently one of the cinnamon beras was out the day we were at the Parc too, but only after we had left. Bears out in February are a real eye catcher!
The arctic wolves were out and about in their drive through enclosure, first time we've had them so close for a long time.
There were a number of eye catching birds including an eye opening great blue heron who seemingly forgot to go south.
Blue jays at the Hilda Road feeders, trumpeter swans in Almonte, a pair of pileated woodpeckers near Almonte, snow buntings at Parc Omega and common goldeneyes at Mud Lake
The bittersweet berries and basswood tree seeds were catching the eye walking the Petrie Island trails
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