It was a relatively quiet month with a mixture of warmish to cold temperatures, rain, freezing rain and some 20-30+cm (8-12”) dumps of snow. 
With the warmer temperatures and rain, the rivers rose and flooded to some extent. The ducks, mallards and a black duck, had to become skimmers as they could not reach their water plants on the bottom. A beaver dam held, but some water was leaking over the top.
The snow dumps produced a winter wonderland.
And the few cold mornings produced some nice frost/snow crystals at my favourite spot.
Of the 19 turkeys that were counted at Mud Lake in the summer of 2022, only three have been seen since last fall.
A juvenile coopers hawk was checking neighbourhood bird feeders for lunch (and I don’t mean bird seed😊)
While out walking the trails at nearby Mer Bleue (where the beaver dam was) I came across this strange looking set of trunks.

I checked with a forester friend who agreed that it looked like a cedar(?) tree had been cut more than a few years ago, and a second cedar(?) tree grew on top of the first one’s roots and/or side. Then it too was cut down at about the same age as the first one was cut.

As interesting as the comparison between the two trees is, the pattern/spaulding at the base of the newer tree caught my eye.
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