Not much photo taking was had during March as too much time was devoted to resolving computer issues. Plus a "little" time culling many '000's of files from February's Florida visit. 
Maple syrup time was late starting this year, but then it always varies with the weather. The Kettle Boys were out at Fortune Farms entertaining the visitors.
Mud Lake was quite quiet. 
The ducks seemed to be acting as toll collectors greeting everyone at the start of the path hoping for a handout.  The remaining three turkeys were on the prowl.​​​​​
The water level of the Ottawa River had risen and fallen during the winter leaving an ice shelf on one of the trees
At Parc Omega three species of foxes were out and about: red fox by the main office, arctic and silver foxes out in their large enclosures.
A killdeer at Parc Omega and a robin at our home, were likely regretting having migrated north according to the calendar, not the weather.
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