March was a mixed weather month, unseasonably warm, then cold, then norms, with little precipitation. We visited many of the usual haunts.
The red fox at the Parc Omega office/store/restaurant really caught my eye with it sitting in the bright sunshine. The silver fox, in the same enclosure, was resting on the raised platform close to the patio. I was told they had been training the silver fox to be more in evidence to visitors, rather than hiding as it had been doing.
It was an excellent month for eye-catching hawks. A red-tailed hawk at Parc Omega, and a male and female cooper's hawk at Mud Lake
Chickadees provided some excellent photo-ops at Mud Lake
Wood ducks returned to Mud Lake mid-month and a few hooded mergansers were still hanging around
In the first week of March, when it was unseasonably warm, we spotted three painted turtles basking on logs. That was VERY early for them to be up.
A 90 minute visit to Petrie Islands at sunset produced some nice eye catching photos of beavers (and a few other residents)
With the road close to the Hilda Road feeders being blocked off, things are quieter, but there still were a few eye worthy photos to be had. A flock of red-winged blackbirds ealy in the month, a female cardinal not in her prime and a red squirrel doing a meerkat imitation.
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