It was a busy month with spring flowers, baby birds and general,getting out and about
With a mild spring, the Tulip Festival tulips were progressing quickly, it looked like it might be a "stem" festival, but cooler temperatures arrived which slowed down the later blooming varieties.
Sawmill Creek Ponds produced two eyecatchers - a rarely seen sora and a river otter
Mud Lake, with several visits, offered a red-winged blackbird which for the full month attacked its reflection in car side mirrors. A worn out mother raccoon was spotted sprawled out on a branch. 
A good number of spring flowers were in bloom, lots of ducks, including a pair of shoveler ducks that stayed for the full month.
Petrie Island presented us with a challenge what with a female Baltimore oriole having managed to tie herself to a branch while starting work on her nest. With the help of the Friends of Petrie Island, she was freed and flew off happily
The actors at Upper Canada Village change over the years, but the Village is still much as it always has been.
A few other selected eye-catchers during the month: sheep out for a walk at the Carp Market, bullfrog in Perth, Canada geese wanting us to move at Nepean Ponds Park and osprey at the Iroquois lock,  ferns and red trilliums at Pine Grove Trail.
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